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What Our Students Say

What Our Students Say?


Liberty, Year 10 - Stage & Screen

"Unlike other schools we are given the independence and freedom to reach our personal goals and milestones in our vocational training whilst we maintaining high expectations throughout our academic pursuits"

Johannes, Year 11 - Athlete Academy

"I wanted a change from my old school and LeAF has allowed me to make steady academic improvements and it has helped me improve in my chosen sport whilst balancing school work"

Nat, Year 13 - Stage & Screen

“Over the last 4 years, LeAF Studio has given me the opportunity to develop as a performer, it has given me the confidence to embrace the Performing Arts industry fully. I have been able to compliment academic studies with vocational training in preparation for my next steps at university/college. LeAF Studio caters for individual students and I am proud to be one of the few students who have witnessed the school develop and grow from day one.”

Owen, Year 10 - Stage & Screen

"I believe that Creative Media and Business compliment my vocational training as they will help me with later life"

Ben, Year 11 - Athlete Academy

"LeAF has helped me to improve in my chosen Sport and to meet new people. I chose LeAF because it is a unique school that offers high quality training and facilities, whilst learning academically"

Lewis, Year 10 - Stage & Screen

“In the 4 weeks that I have been at LeAF Studio, I have learnt so much and made many friends. I love it here because it gives me the opportunities to do the things I love every day!”


Elysia, Year 13 - Stage & Screen

“Being at LeAF Studio has given me the strength and courage to go out into the real world and pursure my dreams of being a performing artist by developing my skills and building my confidence through technical training alongside multiple qualifications.”

Tilley, Year 10 - Athlete Academy

"I enjoy LeAF Studio because the staff give me more independence, unlike my old school"


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