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Academic Staff

LeAF Studio Academic Staff 2016-2017

Miss C Porter - Teacher of Science (AVP at Oak Academy)

Mrs D Crutcher - Maths Tutor  

Mr E Olson - Teacher of Humanities

Mr F Hampson - Curriculum Leader of Science

Miss F O'Regan - Main Teacher of Science             

Mrs H Kellaway - Teacher of Business & Enterprise

Mrs K Price - Curriculum Leader of Maths

Ms K Trott - Curriculum Leader of MFL

Miss M Bower - Curriculum Leader of English

Mr M Burt - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss R Lalor - Teacher of English

Miss S Probert - Teacher of English

Mrs T Mariner - Teacher of Science

Teaching Assistants

Mr B Hiscock - Teaching Assistant                  

Miss S Howarth - Teaching Assistant


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